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Mens Rings versus Triton Mens Rings


Mens Rings versus Triton Mens Rings

Is there a real difference between a mens ring and a Triton mens ring? I men really? There are many who would say no - but a few who have purchased and worn a Triton ring might beg to differ with them. Here's why ...

First let's talk a little about the overall Triton organization and how long they have been in business. The FGoldman Company is over 50 years old and began in NY. They have been in the upscale jewelry business for quite some time and currently have over 3,000 products in their vast product lineup which includes Triton, FGoldman, Dana and more. They include in this vast array of products both mens and womens fashion jewelry from basic rings to pendants and from accent jewelry to bracelets.

One of the most tell-tale characteristics of the FGoldman company is their lifetime warranty and they appear to be honored it for another 50 years! As a company, Tayloright first started ordering from FGoldman/Triton about 8 years ago and not once have they failed to stand behind their lifetime warranty on a product of theirs that broke or became unusable for whatever reason. Fact is, they have never , ever questioned us when we have sent back product to be replaced.

Another significant difference is the FGoldman/Triton design phenomenon. They have some of the best and most talented designers in the fashion industry today. From black diamond beauties to celtic designs with a rich assortment of diamond medleys - Triton has captured the imagination of thousands of discerning buyers around the world. Their team is always searching for the new trend, the fanciful new design, the stunning new arrangement and because of this characteristic - they have become not just proficient at it - they have become NOTED for it! At this point, you might be interested in seeing a few designs that highlight this capability and we are delighted to showcase some of them for you:

The black beauty above is the Mo252W. This stunning masterpiece has 9 black diamonds embedded in a patented white tungsten design from Triton and is one of their most dynamic and popular offerings. 

The Ut127B is another one of Tritons simple yet elegant fashions for men. This mens ring has a number of manly grooves positioned strategically throughout the perimeter of the ring. A classy yet elegant statement for the man who likes sturdy, likes black, and likes a consistent fashion look. 

Like the black statement but want something that says high fashion and elegant with a touch of class - you found it with the Ge633C. A steady stream of black diamonds and elegant lifetime warranty tungsten mixed with a silver bezel to ensure the diamonds last forever - this is your classy solution!

But don't take our word for it - search for yourself in over 500 styles and see if you can find the one perfect ring that says "you" all over it and for an added touch of class - personalize it with an inscription on the inside of the ring for the one you love!

Mens rings of course - in general - have been around for thousands of years. Nothing new about the concept but what is new is the introduction of what we call the contemporary or alternative metals - we are talking about tungsten, titanium, cobalt, zirconium and the like. These highly desireable bands are very prevalent in the world marketplace today and command in some estimates one-half of all mens rings sold!

Let's take a look at some of the most stunning mens rings (not made by Triton Rings) but are nonetheless worldclass masterpieces in their own right. The first one that we will review is the Ba122M - what we refer to as an exotic inlay with buckeye wood. This amazing ring is made with no seams in the wood at all through a proprietary methodology that very few artisans can duplicate - we only know of 2 factories in the United States that offer wood rings with no seams and most of the wood rings on the market today are from China and if you look closely at them they are a laminate that is glued together at the seam - virtually guaranteeing that it will fall apart in the future. Guaranteed!

Here is the Ba122M:

If you are not a fan of wood inlay - let's next look at another extremely popular fashion statement, the Ha119M pictured here:

This meteorite inlay exotic ring has one of the highest price points of any of our non-diamond rings in that meteorite is so rare - commanding a higher market value than gold at present. The dynamics of a meteorite ring - materials having traveled through space for millions of years - is sure to be a conversation piece at your next outing!

One more to drool over. The Tt427M - not just meteorite but a beautiful inlay of seamless ironwood as well. This is one of our more popular wood and meteorite rings - sure to please the man who has everything and begs the question - what kind of a ring would he appreciate and wear? Our next addition will feature antlers and in the future we will also showcase some exquisite mineral-based pieces ...

So we spoke of antler exotic inlay rings - let's look at our most popular one listed below. The Ca121M. This exotic and stunning handcrafted masterpiece is made with an inlay of antler from white tail deer, caribou or elk. And if you are a hunter or have your own piece of antler, for a small fee we will include your antler piece in the finished product - contact us for the exact measurements that are required for this service - one that is very popular for the outdoorsman! The base ring is made with titanium but tungsten can be used instead and for those who wish to use more of a precious metal we can handcraft this ring using white or yellow or rose gold. And for the daring with a substantial pocketbook, we would be delighted to use platinum.

So in the end it is really your call as to whether or not you choose a Triton ring made by the FGoldman company in New York or if you prefer a mens ring made with any number of exotic materials and diamonds. We won't try and make that decision for you - all we have tried to do is spell out some of the differences so that you can make the decision for yourself. If you have questions, and chances are that you will, please do not hesitate to contact us at 801-755-1661 or email us at ringsales@live.com.

Thank you for reading about what we consider to be a wonderfully exciting subject - choosing the correct symbol for your happliy hereafter!