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​Why Men Like or Don’t Like To Wear Mens Rings?


Why Men Like or Don’t Like To Wear Mens Rings?

The tradition of men's wedding bands started to gain in popularity during the period of First World War, where numerous men who had abandoned wives back home wore one or the other kind of jewelry to feel their loved ones near and recall their friends and family. At the end of Second World War, several jewelers had started to incorporate men in their promotional and marketing campaign targets and began to present the idea of a twofold ring wedding, which was destined to turn into the norm of every future wedding ceremony.

Still sizable numbers of men don’t wear mens rings for their own specific reasons even now-a-days. Some men decline to announce their marital status by being distinguished by jewelry. Others may hold frightful perspectives towards valuable metals or precious stones. As a general rule, most men reject the thought of a wedding band due to the connotation adornments has with being effeminate in appearance. Yet truth be told, men's wedding bands are particularly intended to separate them from ladies' bands. With the evolution of style and design in men’s jewelry, there are a whole lot of wedding bands available in market which doesn’t have any effeminate connotation attached with them.

Cost is another reason why men are averse to wearing wedding bands mostly made of precious metals and stones. This is no longer a reason for abandoning a beautiful way of showing affection and commitment because of various less costly alternative metals wedding bands available in the markets today. These alternative metals like tungsten, titanium and steel cost much lesser than traditional gold, diamond, silver or platinum. Besides, most of these alternative wedding bands cost next to nothing in maintenance cost as they can be easily cleaned and polished at home without needing any special material.

Whether you wear a wedding band or not is not so much a case of whether or not you are a man or a woman. It is more of a matter of convenience and comfort wearing something all the time. It is certainly not logical to put on a wedding band just as a ritual or status symbol especially for men who are not accustomed to wearing any kind of jewelry or may even be allergic to wearing one.

Apart from traditional materials for wedding bands like gold, diamond and silver, there are many unconventional materials that are used now-a-days for making wedding bands and are comfortable in wearing all the time. These metals such as Titanium, Tungsten, Damascus steel and white gold are hypoallergenic as well therefore it should not be a problem for men having allergic reactions toward metals.

Some people have a point against men’s rings. They say that their male ancestors never wore any kind of wedding jewelry but it never proved an obstacle in leading a happy married life. Times change and so do traditions. Wedding bands are considered to be the symbols of love and strong bonds now-a-days whether anyone likes it or not. As goes the axiom, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, men should wear wedding bands even if only as a custom because it proclaims their love and commitment to their life partners.