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​Why Stainless Steel is the King of Mens Rings?


Why Stainless Steel is the King of Mens Rings?

If we hear someone claiming that stainless steel is the king of mens rings, it would sound weird for sure. But is it that really odd a thing to hear? It seems so because of the long established traditions and history regarding jewelry. Silver and gold coupled with diamonds or other precious gem stones have dominated the jewelry market right from the word go. In fact the very concept of jewelry was always pinned with these few metals until recently before some other traditional metals like stainless steel, tungsten, titanium or cobalt challenged their hegemony.

If we could step away from taking tradition as the sole factor for assessing the materials for jewelry, stainless steel has a lot of potential to rule the jewelry market. It is in no way a baseless sweeping claim if we consider the potential benefits of using stainless steel jewelry. Let’s have a look at what proponents and opponents of stainless steel say about stainless steel and decide for ourselves whether it is worth giving a shot or not.

One of the major, and probably the biggest, benefits of stainless steel jewelry is its wonderful shiny surface. As the name suggests, it is stainless, and steel. Its very name suggests two important things that it doesn’t catch stains easily and is strong. We’ll come later to the strength side. Regarding its stainless nature, the worst thing that one can imagine happening to steel jewelry is the water and dust stains. Some people might suggest using soap and water to remove these stains but that is not necessary at all. All you need to do is to hold a piece of soft cloth and rub it over the surface of the jewelry and that is it. Although there are plenty of polishes available in the market as well for removing the stains and get back the original shine, it is recommended not to use them unless it becomes a necessity.

Unlike other traditional and precious metals, stainless steel mens rings are as hard and strong as one would want it to be. You can wear stainless steel jewelry and forget about breaking it no matter what you have to do wearing it. Owing to this tremendous strength it doesn’t smudge or tarnish easily and is almost scratch proof. Even if it does get some scratches, those will only add to the rugged character of stainless steel jewelry. Besides it is versatile in nature and you can literally do anything wearing it from swimming in the ocean to fixing your car. Affordable price and hypoallergenic nature is couple of other benefits of stainless steel jewelry.

A couple of downsides of using stainless steel jewelry according to opponents are that it can’t be resized when made and it can scratch gold jewelry if kept in the same box. But these so called disadvantaged are negligible, even if we could really categorize them as disadvantages, considering the benefits it offers. Therefore after having a keen look at upsides and downsides of stainless steel, we can say that it has a lot of potential to be called the king of jewelry. Can’t we?