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The Ultimate Jewelry Guide for Contemporary Man

The Ultimate Jewelry Guide for Contemporary Man

Jewelry, to a great extent, has been considered as a forte of women. Even though history can give enough references to shake this close intimacy between women and jewelry – noteworthy is the fact that men’s jewelry kept losing ground till it became somewhat archaic. For some, it was outré and incongruous. However, times changed and trends got redefined. Men’s jewelry strengthened its position in the jewelry industry as it became an integral part of the modern man’s wardrobe. Jewelry isn’t limited to women anymore, and contemporary man is sharing the forte with equal pride. In the section below, we are going to discuss some of the important jewelry items, from the vast selection of men’s jewelry, in a little detail.

7 Pieces of Men’s Jewelry Worth Investing In

Watches:No man’s ensemble can be complete without a great watch. Probably the most-used jewelry piece, a watch when worn right, can instantly uplift a man’s outfit. It’s a good idea to invest in an everyday casual wristwear, which could be a classic metal, or a leather-band watch, and a classy dressy watch for a formal or special occasion. With tons of watch models and styles, take the advantage to grab a piece that exudes personal expression and actually reflect you.

Bracelets:Bracelets are meant to complement your look – an option, not a necessity. A metal bangle would add just the right amount of edge to any simple look, typically on the more formal end of the spectrum. A tough leather option in a single or double wrap would more comprehensively complement a look with tropical shirt and wrap around pants, or other casual outfits. Your bracelet should also match your timepiece and other metals on you. Decorative bracelets are in-trend, but require men to be a little more cautious owing to its ability to easily go overboard.

Earrings:Earrings are the most visible and capable of drawing instant attention. These are arguably one of the hardest pieces of jewelry for most men to pull off, and therefore, must be kept subtle if at all. A lot of celebs and fashionable men wear stud earrings, and are a crucial element of their style statement. But certainly, it is not the same for all men. Don’t forget to check your employee handbook on wearing jewelry if you work in a corporate setting.

Necklaces:Necklaces for men are different than for a woman. Big chunky stuff with layers of jewels – that’s strictly a woman’s fashion. Men’s necklace should be a subtle accent to their personality and overall look. Dog tags, plain unornamented chains, religious emblems, and those masculine-style pendant chains are some of the necklace styles men mostly indulge into. Gold and silver metal chains are loved by men for they are capable of exuding an effortlessly cool look even with a simple shirt. Blingy neck pieces are not for all; no need to step out of your comfort zone to be part of the picture.

Rings:The versatility and styles in men’s rings is enormous. Wedding bands, worn to represent your commitment, are acceptable, but if really want to pull off your look well, a few points must be taken care of. Less the bulk, the better. Minimal glitz and simple design go well for men. If you are too tempted to do more, you can still go for two or three rings in a stacked style or spread throughout multiple fingers. Triton rings and Triton jewelry offer an excellent collection of wedding bands and other men’s jewelries for contemporary men in bold styles and masculine metals. We’ll look into the greater details about Triton in the later section.

Cufflinks:Picking a French cuff dress shirt? Here is your opportunity to adorn the most adorned, functional jewelry piece, the cufflinks. The simple design metallic ones, made from precious metals, are more formal, posh, and still masculine, while a cufflink with a novelty design will make definitely add more personality to an otherwise casual outfit. Cufflinks, certainly, are a relatively easy, understated option to go the formal route without distracting from it. Want your cufflinks to look the best? Don’t forget to match it with others metals you are wearing.

Tip: Avoid any glitzy stones or studded embellishments in unusual shapes for a professional setting. You can express yourself with your cufflink choice after work too.

Lapel Pins:A lapel pin is a great accent piece and can add a sense of personality in more button-up work environments. Secured by clasp on the underside of the lapel, lapel pins are most commonly worn on the left lapel close to the lapel button loop. Although come in tons of sizes, colors, and designs, it is important to choose a small size that does not clash with your other accessories. Often available in styles that advocate a belief or represent a special cause, lapel pins are now selling in stores even across big fashion houses.

The Dos and Don’ts of Men’s Jewelry – Rules to Adhere

Men and women, both, can seriously amp up their personal sense of style with the right kind of jewelry. While women can comfortably pull off a pair of glitzy diamond studs with a chunky neckpiece and a sleeve of dangling bracelets, when it comes to men and jewelry, there are so many ways to go wrong. Things have always been a little tricky for men. Let’s make it easy today—adhere to some simple guidelines and get familiar with the know-hows of wearing jewelry.

Remember To Match Your Metals

A general, and probably the most important, rule of dressing says: match metal to metal. That simply means, if you wear a gold (or gold-plated) watch, for instance, so should be the color of your ring, the embellishment on your shoes, tie clip, and the buckle of your belt. Master a put-together look with this key rule!

Keep it Simple – No blingy stuff

Keep it simple, when in doubt. The whole purpose of jewelry is to complement your look, not to overwhelm – stay away from anything too blingy or too bold. It could easily look ostentatious, distracting, and quite unprofessional. As a general rule, it's wise to err on the side of understatement.

Corporate Job? Check Your Dress Code before Hopping the Trends

The liability to look professional may pose some restrictions on wearing jewelry for corporate men. When in any kind of professional setting, keep yourself restrained without thinking of “what’s trendy”. Generally, corporate men are required to limit styling to the traditional masculine jewelry, which may include a watch, cufflink, lapel pin, wedding band, and tie accent.

Stay Within the Bounds of Accepted Male Styles

What not to adorn is equally important to knowing what you should! Without questioning any man’s potential to carry off a standout look with his own kind of accessories, here’s a few jewelry items (yes! tried & tested) that have proved to be dicey, or more clearly, inappropriate when talking about men. Avoid the list: toe rings, other piercings, ethnic jewelry, grills, anklets, armlets, belly piercing, and nose rings.

No need to fear ...But Don't Go Overboard Either

You don’t need to be too afraid to take your own chances and stand out. With men, confidence is the key. The idea is just not to go overboard and look like someone you are not. Choose the jewelry that suits your personality and taste while giving keen attention to the place and mood. Go for jewelry pieces that look natural on you, like you have been wearing it for years, after all, your choice of jewelry has the power to break or make the look. Triton rings and Triton jewelry, made using contemporary metals, are fabricated and crafted to exacting quality standards and allow modern-day men to make bold style statements – without going overboard.

When it comes to wedding bands and other forms of jewelry, Triton – a leader in contemporary jewelry for modern men – has become America’s best-seller for wedding bands, especially tungsten rings, meant for active guys. Here’s more about the brand and how it has revolutionized the world of men’s wedding band industry.

About Triton – The Brand

Triton is one of most recognizable and best-known brands of contemporary men’s jewelry in the USA. Triton is a division of the Frederick Goldman, Inc., which began as a small-scale manufacturer of plain wedding bands in the 1940s. Through its continuous commitment to quality and innovation, Frederick Goldman is now the leading wedding band manufacturer and wholesaler in the US. Triton Rings is one of the most renowned brands in the contemporary men’s wedding band market today.

Triton Jewelry Collection

Offering a bold statement of artistry that is inspiring and innovative, Triton rings and Triton jewelry are powerful pieces made using the best grade contemporary metals, such as tungsten carbide, tungstenair, sterling silver, titanium, stainless steel, and cobalt, with the utmost attention to intricate detailing. Backed with innovative engineering, Triton boasts over 400 ring styles. With so many metals and styles to choose from, Triton has got something for everyone!

From sleek and clean minimalist designs to intricate patterns to sumptuous designs featuring precious metal inlays and the brilliance of diamonds – Triton Jewelry Collection offers a unique fusion of brilliant artistry, master craftsmanship, and contemporary metals. As you explore the world of Triton, you are sure to find yourself spellbound with its innovative and sophisticated jewelry designs.

Triton Lifetime Warranty – A Promise of Certified Excellence & Lifetime Ring Size Exchange

All triton rings and triton jewelry come with a manufacturer lifetime warranty that covers issues related to imperfection in design, materials, or craftsmanship. It also covers size exchanges for life that comes under its Forever Fit warranty. Triton will replace or resize the ring, in case your ring finger size ever changes for a shipping and handling fee. This is definitely going to save you extra expenses and time that is usually involved in getting your ring resized by a third party. For some metals that cannot be resized, like Tungsten carbide, Triton has a size exchange policy. All you need is the Triton jewelry that needs to be resized or size exchanged along with an authentic purchase receipt to be taken to any local authorized Triton jeweler. Own a discontinued style? Triton may also replace your old Triton jewel for a similarly-styled new one.

Why the Contemporary Man Loves Triton Rings and Triton Jewelry?

The contemporary man lives a very active lifestyle. Active men would any day prefer an inset stone or group of stones over the ones with protruding stones. Triton jewelry designs allow men to maintain their active lifestyle without compromising on fashion and style.

Durability is another important element modern men look for in their jewelry. The contemporary metals, like Tungsten Carbide and Tungstenair, which Triton use to make many of their wedding bands are capable of standing the test of time. Tungsten Carbide – a unique blend of tungsten and carbon – is known to be Triton’s specially engineered and exclusively patented metal formulation that is known to be one of the hardest materials used in the jewelry industry. Both these contemporary metals also boast high scratch resistance and provide unexpected strength and power. Generally, men would not mind a slightly heavier pick, but do not want to negotiate when it comes to durability and comfort-fit.

Triton rings and Triton jewelry showcase a strong sense of masculinity and bold fashion statement – modern men love that! Most men shrunk away from jewelry because they think it would look too feminine and glitzy. Triton jewelry designs are truly masculine, and let the man pull off a sophisticated and stylish look pumped up with some macho confidence. 

While women are more fantasized with all the bling and trendy designs, quality comes second to none for most men. Designed especially to the expectation of the contemporary man, Triton jewelry is engineered and crafted to exacting quality standards.

Truly, the artistic designs coupled with rugged durability have allowed Triton to embody the heartbeat of men everywhere!

A Closer Look on Triton Contemporary Metals

Metals experts, at Triton, are always up in search of newer metals and materials to create their next masterpiece. Let’s look into the key attributes of the various contemporary metals used by Triton:

Tungsten Carbide TC.850™

Every Triton Tungsten Carbide ring is made with patented TC.850 formulation containing 85% tungsten carbide – the world’s hardest metallic substance. Tungsten carbide offers excellent structural strength, and is 10x times harder than 18K gold, 5x times harder than steel, and 4x times harder than titanium. Each Triton Tungsten Carbide ring has the strength and hardness of a factor between 8.5 and 9.5 on the Mohs scale of Hardness (diamond has a factor of 10). Also, it has a substantial, luxurious weight similar to platinum.

The TC.850 special formulation maintains a scratch resistant, forever shiny luster. For this reason, tungsten carbide ring is also referred as the ring with “permanent shine.” The finish is highly resistant to scratches and scuffs, and do not lose its shine or wear out like gold or silver over time with normal use. It will retain its natural, lustrous deep gray color and alluring luster. Triton TC.850 is available in white, black, classic gray, yellow, and rose colors.

Tungsten Carbide TC850, most notably used as the primary material in wedding bands for men, is only available at licensed Triton jewelers.


Tungstenair is an innovative, patented new metal – very masculine and very unique – designed to upkeep with the pace of today’s active lifestyle. Designed to offer a perfect balance of innovation and style, TungstenAir is a performance metal with exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

But what’s new in Tungstenair? Well, it combines all the good things, like high scratch resistance, durability, hypoallergenic nature, and strength of Tungsten Carbide – but with a reduced weight (1/3rd lighter than Tungsten Carbide TC.850). Men with active lifestyles, who do not wish to carry extra weight, the lighter weight Tungstenair is the ring metal they should be looking for. No need to remove the beloved wedding band while doing the daily life activities!

With a natural, lustrous gray color, any Triton Tungstenair ring can instantly grab attention to the wearer’s finger with its pop of color on the inside edge, unlike traditional men rings.

Sterling Silver

Pure silver is relatively soft, ductile, and malleable transition metal that may lack the desired strength you look for in a wedding ring or any functional object. For this reason, jewelers use Sterling Silver – 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper – to make it relatively more hard and durable without affecting its beautiful shining luster. However, Sterling Silver still has low scratch resistance as compared to other contemporary metals (Tungsten Carbide TC.850 and Tungstenair). The copper and other metals in the alloy also decrease silver’s tendency to tarnish and at times impart other properties to the jewelry. It is also popular as 925 silver, as a stamp of its purity level.

Sterling silver is a valuable metal choice for Triton rings considering its sleek and lustrous appearance. The high malleability associated with silver metal allows jewelers to easily transform it into various artistic interpretations and create chic and urbane looking wedding bands. Triton rings and Triton jewelry made of Sterling Silver have been crafted in amazing styles and patterns with an ability to last. Also, Triton Sterling Silver rings are designed to be hypoallergenic, and hence, relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.


The practicality of titanium along with its contemporary style has increased the popularity of titanium in recent times in the men’s fashion jewelry industry. One of the most-touted advantages of titanium is its exceptional durability – in fact it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any known element. Tagged as one of the most durable and sturdy metals that can be transformed into jewelry items, super-strong titanium vouches to withstand adverse conditions. Also, being 99% pure metal, titanium jewelry is hypoallergenic, and guarantees exceptional comfort and wearability.

This contemporary metal is a popular choice in Triton rings and Triton jewelry collection. It has also been referred as the “space age metal” for its low density, solid, shiny, corrosion-resistance surface, and natural gray color. Available in gray and black colors, the latter possesses higher scratch resistance than the former.

Stainless Steel 316L

Triton uses the highest quality Stainless Steel 316L, a lightweight metal that delivers a sleek modern feel. It has a rich metallic naturally white look, and thus preferred by contemporary men who don’t want to go all-glitzy. The smooth, classic, comfortable-fit of Triton SS rings make it a great pick for every man. Also, stainless steel also features resistance to scratching, corrosion, and tarnishing, while holding typically well against daily wear and tear.

Triton Stainless Steel rings are also a choice of interest for men with metal allergies or sensitivity. The stainless steel jewelry can do without nickel and other problem-causing metals without bargaining on the item’s strength or quality. It shows effective resistance to corrosion and staining. This relatively low-maintenance, low-cost metal can prove to be a great choice for a variety of applications.


Another sophisticated, hypoallergenic, 100% solid, and tarnish resistant contemporary metal known to mankind is Cobalt. Triton cobalt wedding bands for men evoke a sense of strength, masculinity, and unique personal style. It showcases a bright reflective look of white gold and has a weight similar to gold.

Cobalt stands next to Tungsten Carbide TC.850 and Tungstenair in the line of Vickers Hardness level of the Triton contemporary metals. Cobalt metal show high resistance to scratching and maintain their original state even under adverse conditions. Like all other contemporary metals, cobalt rings at Triton are designed to be hypoallergenic. The astounding cobalt chromium alloy – with enhanced durability and wear properties – is extensively used in the aerospace and medical industry.

This guide will definitely help all men who are interested in the idea of wearing jewelry, but have always been a bit cynical about their ability to pull it off successfully. The world of Triton rings and Triton jewelry will help men add a new, unique, attention-grabbing dimension to your look. Explore, incorporate, and elevate your style statement.


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